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After the death of the cool anthem rock bands like Burning Airlines and Quicksand, it seemed there would only be a muddled plethora of armatures left to fuck things up. Thankfully the members of Leuko decided to meet up for a beverage or two and make some music in-between saving lives and going to law school. Kevin, Cheryl and Jesse of Polecat made friends with Wade from Seaweed and a keyboard player named Leo. Together they put together a rock album that could intimidate Jerry Bruckheimer.

The band's self-titled release on Buttermilk Records is big, fast, loud and chuck full of emotional vocals that will cause you to emphatically sing along. What's more important, though, is that this record is plush and loaded with ear candy for headphone listeners.

This is a fine crafted release built with a lot more patience then what is found on some of the previous releases of the various predecessors. An early favorite track is "Shoot Luke I'm Faded". The slow heavy build up makes you want to shadow box in the corner of a crowded family restaurant.

Overall, the album's melodies veer into the delicate when mathmatically you are expecting them to come to a head. They toy with you a bit then explode. This may not be the most groundbreaking recording but it is fun and furious.