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I was just thinking this morning about the government's takeover of Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and AIG and about how we have a vice presidential nominee who pretty much threatened war with Russia (to be fair, though, a veep nominee who wants to go to war with Russia is preferable to a presidential nominee who wants to go to war with Spain, but it's a preference on points alone).

Then I found in my e-mail box a message about a new band called The Golden Hands Before God Conducts Incredible Magic Band and The Spirits (ugh) and they have a song called "Communist Party" (right click to download). Much to my surprise, I really like it. It's a pretty rocking 1960's country song that would sound great in a juke joint or in a indie club (especially if they were playing with fellow travellers from Tacoma, The Fucking Eagles).

The band calls Windsor, Ontario home and have a few schedules shows throughout Canada, including playing the high-profile Pop Montreal festival. They had just released their debut LP Here this week on Pop Echo Records. Here's another song from it, called "Blood of November" (right click to download) that has more of a Neil Young influence to it.

More info on the good band with an unfortunately bad name at their MySpace.