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Seattle is very gossipy, especially the music scene. There are a few rumors I've been hearing around town that I would like to confirm, deny, and spread, respectively.

First up, this is somewhat old news, but it seems many people I inform this of didn't know it yet. if you missed my These Arms Are Snakes interview in which those boys confirm it… Yes, the Blood Brothers HAVE broken up. As if we all didn't see that coming. The boys have called it quits after more than 10 years, and are in new bands. Jordan has gone to the band Head Wound City. Johnnie has gone to the band Jaguar Love, who will be playing a show at the Vera Project on October  12th.

Now, if the news gets out that a venue has procured a second location, it seems everyone starts whispering about whether this means the original location is shutting down. I've heard quite the discussion on whether the Showbox's purchase of the new Sodo location means the original location is closing. Apparently this is not true, according to the person who just hired my boyfriend as security personnal. The hiring person assured him they will at least be there for the next three years, as they have a lease on the building. Double the Showbox goodness, I guess!

As a member of the Vera Project, I was sent a mass email about how there is a *secret* show on the 6th of October. The only clues they would give is that it is a VERY big indie rock band. Hmm…how vague… But here is your head's up–secret show, BIG indie rock band.

Plan accordingly.