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This bit of news from my home state, via, won't top Dana's integrated-prom post. Just a few more dumb red-state shenanigans for your reading pleasure:

A father in Arkansas is looking for $20,000 in compensation for his teenage sons, after they found a book in a public library called The Whole Lesbian Sex Book.

According to Earl Adams, his sons – aged 14 and 16 – were 'greatly disturbed' by Felice Newman's classic lesbian sex manual, described by its publishers as 'the most comprehensive sex guide available for lesbians.'

And now he is demanding $10,000 from the city of Bentonville [hometown of Wal-Mart, by the way] for each boy. The volume has already been withdrawn from the library shelves, and the director of the library has resigned – although she is adamant she left for personal reasons, not in response to the complaints.

Adams said that the book is 'patently offensive and lacks any artistic, literary or scientific value.'

The publishers note that the critically-praised book covers 'G-spot stimulation, oral sex, vaginal fisting, dildos for fun and fashion, dynamics of butch/femme sex, anal sex, the pleasures of lube and latex, where to cop the best cybersex, and leather, piercings, tattoos, high heels, and other fetishes.'

According to Adams, his teenage boys' discovery of the book was the cause of 'many sleepless nights in our house.' [ummm..]

The city's attorney, Camille Thompson, was sceptical that Adams legal complaint had any merit: 'There is not a valid legal concern here. In fact, (the request for money) made me question his motivation.'

Adams says the boys found the book while trying to locate books on military academies. That'll be that crazy Dewey Decimal Classification at fault, then.

The book was recommended by Library Journal as being suitable 'for all public libraries.'

Evidently the claimant is Ned Flanders and the poor traumatized boys are Rod and Todd…