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Remember over the weekend how we learned that Maxim Magazine "reviewed" the new Black Crowes record without actually listening to it (a practice, I believe, that gleefully began here at TIG)?

Maxim, of course, apologized and said that in the future they will no longer continue to reviewing records without actually hearing them. Besides, album reviews is not what Maxim does best anyway (what Maxim does do best is find new ways to say "show us your tits").

Fair enough, but it looks they had their fingers crossed behind their backs when they released that statement/apology because they gave Nas' forthcoming record (whose title I will not reveal here but you can surely find on any one of the internetz) another 2.5 star review. Nas told the New York Post that he's finishing up the album now and hopes to have it out in late April. Whoops.

So, yeah, no more "educated-guess" reviews in Maxim starting now.

OK, now.

(Hat tip to Idolator, of course.)