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Yesterday, a friend posed a challenging question: What is the most important band of the 2000s? Sure, the decade’s not quite over, but we’re getting close. His vote went to the White Stripes. I asked the same question of my guy, who weighed in with two viable contenders: The Strokes and Interpol. All three are revivalists, bringing back staple sounds from rock history, but I’m not convinced that any of them truly merit the crown. 

I don’t doubt Jack White’s immeasurable guitar talent and knack for showmanship, but I take issue with Meg on the drums…There’s nothing spectacular going on there, so I have to discredit the Stripes on that front. 

The Strokes I love (Pretty faces aside, they nailed the garage rock sound and ushered it back to life, paving the way for countess acts after them). But it’s really only on account of their first album – and maybe half of the second – that makes me think they could be considered for the title.  

And Interpol. There’s no doubt that I have mad love for this band – Turn On the Bright Lights quickly made it to my long-untouched list of All-Time Favorite Albums. But I’m not sure they’ve reached a large enough sect to be considered most important 

Time will tell how many future bands cite any of these contenders as influences – often the true litmus test of a band’s importance. My vote’s still out… 

Pray tell, dear readers. Who do you think should make this list?