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So, in the inaugural edition of iPod Roulette, I get a song that I never would have guessed would come up (how would I expect to guess what would come up? No idea). Primal Scream's "Movin' On Up" was a favorite in high school for me, heck I had the cassingle for the song and listened to it repeated on my old, grey, creaking cassette Walkman on the bus. Nothing like riding the bus in high school, especially when you're an awkward, nerdy youth who is listening to obscure British bands. Ah yes.

Funny thing, after haven't not really heard this song in years, I wished that I still thought it was good. I must have at the time, but now it just seems to derivative. Screamadelic, the album from which "Movin' On Up" is culled, has some real classics like "Come Together," but this song sounds like a bad 70's rock knockoff right down to the overly ostentatious gospel choir. What it does have going for it is a great intro — I still got excited at the roughly strummed guitar that leads the song — but the rest seems to fall flat.

Oh well, so much for youthful memories.

{iPod Roulette is a daily feature from TIG writer Erik Gonzalez, where he highlights the first track his 11,400 track iPod picks for each day. Think of it as your imaginary daily affirmation.}