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Leave it to the U.S. Navy to summarize the Myspace generation better than I have ever seen. In their report to recruiters, they say that the millennial generation is down to having only 3% likely to join the military, down from 26% in previous generation – and who can blame them thanks to the "War on Terrerr" (thank you phonetic Bush). However, the Navy does offer these gems:

These "kids grew up hearing nothing but praise, all the time, everywhere.  Recent childhood has been defined by ego-stroking… [They] can get disgruntled if not praised for simply 'showing up' at work,

The MySpace generation is a "somewhat alien life force…"

The report quotes an unnamed teenager, as saying "(If I join the Navy) I’d miss out on having the excuse of being a college kid and being irresponsible."

Now, being an academic who has to teach these kids, I find myself oddly enough wholeheartedly agreeing with the Navy. I blame parents and MTV, but that's just me. Somebody has to knock these whipper-snappers into shape. Any idea on how to make that happen?