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Well, it's another week (weak) of re-issues, remixes, and scraps.

Gorillaz is putting out a album of D-Sides. I'm not even sure what a D-Side is!

The NIN remix CD actually looks interesting with remixes of songs from Year Zero by Ladytron, Kronos, and many more.

Amy Winehouse has finally released her debut CD Frank in the US.  All the die hard fans already have it oni mport and know that it just isn't as good as Back To Black.

It seems the gem of the week might be Local Violin Genius Eyvind Kang's The
Yelm Sessions
. I was first introduced to his work when we recorded and played with Laura Veirs during her Triumphs and Travails of Orphan Mae era, which although I love each and every LV release, this record holds up as my very favorite. He also worked with her on Troubled By The Fire. You may also know him from his work with Two Loons For Tea and Bill Frisell, just to name a few. He also has several solo releases and continues to work with a bevy (that's right) of talented musicians that he enlists to bring his lush works to life. Always perfect for grown up dinner parties and background music while reading.

AYO – Joyful
DAFT PUNK – Alive 2007
DJ VADIM – Soundcatchers Extra
EVYIND KANG – The Yelm Sessions
LIL SISCO – Welcome To The City
NEGATIVELAND – Our Favorite Things
NOFX – They've Actually Gotten Worse Live
PHISH – Vegas 96 (and several other live shows)
RESIDENTS- The Voice of Midnight
U2 – The Joshua Tree (Deluxe Edition)
VADER – And Blood Was Shed in Warsaw

NIRVANA – Unplugged
WOLFMOTHER – Please Experience Wolfmother Live