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Here at Easy Street this week we are frantically gearing up for Sasquatch, so I am gonna stick to the nuts and bolts this week! Here's the list:

Black Sheep – Steal My Horses & Run

Daniella Cotton –Rare Child

Jonathan Richman – Because Her Beauty Is Raw

French Kicks – Swimming

Donna Summer – Crayons (First record in 14 years!)

Jesse McCartney – Departure

Flobots – Fight With Tools

Julianne Hough – S/T

Scarlett Johansson – Anywhere I lay My Head

Beatallica – All You Need Is Blood

The Proclaimers – Life With You

And, the release a lot of us have been waiting for, The Lucky Ones by the great Mudhoney!

To celebrate this release, Mudhoney will be at Queen Anne Easy Street tonight at 7PM. It's a damn fine record and the boys always put on a heck of a show, so come on down!