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The boys in These Arms Are Snakes have been on the road so much in the past year, including six recent weeks in Europe. I've nearly forgotten what they look like…

Fortunately there's a new video for "Red Line Season," (off the newly released Tail Swallower and Dove), plus the band's got an upcoming show Thursday night at Chop Suey.

This may be the closest we'll get to seeing their mugs (replete with Tour Beards) again anytime soon. The Seattle show kicks off another short West Coast tour, with Trap Them and the "holy-eff!" inducing Narrows (featuring Snakes' guitarist Ryan Frederiksen, former Botch throttle-vox Dave Verellen, and members of Some Girls and freaking Unbroken) in support.

In related oldskool Seattle hardcore news, Undertow is reuniting — yes, again — for one show in 2009. No, not in Seattle (What's up, boys? Forgot where you came from?) — this one is in Pomona, CA. The 'tow will share the May 9 bill with a reunited Unbroken, Swing Kids, Jenny Piccolo, Fast Forward, and perhaps one more band. See you in I-5, southbound, in May?

Psst! Check out the TAAS vid on YouTube: