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[sean nelson, by hot avocados photography]

“Pairing a French-lyricist and classically trained marimba player with the former lead singer of Harvey Danger, the second installment of Chamber v. Chamber looks at the sounds we create when we want forget about the holiday of Love.”

Starring: Sean Nelson and Erin Jorgenson. I know. Rad, right? Read on:

As the musical fraction of the Sorrento’s Night School, Chamber vs. Chamber endeavors to spark a dialogue between indie rock and traditional chamber music, combining classical chamber performances with indie rock theatrics. Each Chamber vs. Chamber evening will include multiple illuminating performances and conversation between the musicians and leaders in the classical and indie rock canon. (The first Chamber event included the likes of Loch Lomond, Spectratone, and Lori Goldston.)

After our musical guests fill the Fireside Room of the Sorrento with rich melody, Mark Baumgarten–editor of City Arts Magazine–will lead a discussion between the audience and musicians, touching on the inspiration behind the music, and the influences of both classical and indie rock repetoires.

So. Awesome. You can visit the event’s site directly here, and get advance tickets up over here.

We’ll see you at the show!