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Well, NME might have finally jumped the shark by totally ceding control of their Top 10 songs to MTV2 UK, or at least that is what it seems to me. After months of searching for the NME top 10, I did finally find it on the MTV2 website, or at least what it claims is the NME/MTV2 Top 10.

So here it is! Enjoy!

10. Vampire Weekend – "A-Punk": As loyal TIG readers will find out in the near future, I like Vampire Weekend.

9. Pigeon Detectives – "I Found Out": Pigeon Detectives really inspire nothing in me. Sorry, catchiness will only get you so far.

8. Jack Penate – "Have I Been a Fool": I still hate him for dating Kate Nash. He'll my 21st century Ben Lee for similar musical and personal reasons. (He seems to do a lot of running in his videos, eh?)

7. Bloc Party – "Flux": I think I've discussed this song before, but wow, people love Dance Anthem Bloc Party.

6. The Courteeners – "What Took You So Long": The British Press seem to love this band, and I can sort of see the appeal. They have a bit of the sound of the Walkmen, but in a much more mainstream way. Not terrible, but not as earth shattering as they want to make it out to be.

5. Hot Chip – "Ready for the Floor": Now here is a song I can get behind. If you haven't been lucky enough to get a preview of Hot Chip's new disc, Made in the Dark, I have two words for you: f&%king excellent. It is like New Order 2.0.

4. Radiohead – "Jigsaw Falling Into Place": You might have heard of this band. Maybe.

3. One Night Only – "Just for Tonight": Is it just me, or does the name of this song/artist seem a little redundant? I mean, are they that concerned that things might extend beyond a single night that they have to name their band and their single after the concept? And whats the deal with this band anyway? Aren't they the Killers with a British accent? Am I missing something here?

2. Arctic Monkeys – "Teddy Picker": Arctic Monkeys yeah yeah yeah blah blah blah.

1. The White Stripes – "Conquest": This was my favorite song on Icky Thump, so I'm excited to see it as a single.