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A couple weeks ago when the Oasis/Ryan Adams train rolled into town, I put proverbial money on the fact that a fight would break out on this tour. It surely had to, with cantankerous Ryan Adams and the spit-fiery Brothers Gallagher sharing the stage and the road. But I never expected that it would turn out like this. 

Seems some amped-up fan in Toronto decided to throw the first punch. He stormed the stage and assaulted Noel during "What's the Story," pushing Noel straight onto his monitor. The band cut the song short, walked off stage puffed up and ready to duke it out (with brother Liam being visibly restrained). And then, after a short break, they returned to stage to finish the show. Sadly, reports now indicate Noel could have a broken rib and some damaged ligaments from the incident.

Below is some raw YouTubage of the kerfluffle. I know there are lotsa Oasis haters out there (I am not among them!). But nonetheless, speedy recovery wishes to Noel.