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As many of you here in Seattle have heard, local favorite Drew Grow (of Drew Grow & the Pastor’s Wives) was in quite a gnarly accident recently. Reports about surgeries and physical healing reports seem to be on the up-and-up, but unfortunately, that means a pile of medical bills — and this is where the community at large as we know it has stepped up.

We’ll be bringing you more information soon on the shows and goings on around the PNW to raise money for Drew — most notably next month’s benefit at Columbia City Theater — but so far as tonight goes, you can mosey over to the Comet and do some good while you geek on rad tunes. Lemolo will be coming in to headline the night in Drew Grow’s place, as he and his band were originally booked to play there this evening. Our new favorite two-woman combo will be sharing the stage with Big Sur and See Me River, and with a lineup like that, we can just about guarantee great tidings.

The show is 21+ / 9p / $8, with a generous portion of the proceeds going directly to cover Drew’s bills. Be there!