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Last year, the Western States Motel released their self-titled debut album and now they are already back with a five-track EP, which is a gentle and breezy mound of Los Angeles indie rock. With the songs in the background, you can almost see the desolate highways and sun scorched fields of Southern California.

With acoustic, electric, and slide guitars, analogue keyboards, and warm live drumming, Painted Birds Flying in the Orange Mirror Sun is at times reminiscent of Beck and at other times recalls the lazy day near the ocean sound of the Beach Boys. Throughout the course of these five tracks, the Western States Motel covers similar ground to that of last year's full-length LP, but they have also progressed as they sound more relaxed and confident than they did before.

"Oh World" is perhaps the highlight of this set, sounding like a lost 1960s song by Arthur Lee's brilliant Love. Even though summer is far away here in Seattle, pick this one up and you will be transported to a warm, cloudless environment.