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I’ve been wondering whether the Parson Red Heads’ (PRHs) Residency was going to work out. I mean playing weekly shows for four consecutive weeks, up and down the west coast, without losing the magic is a pretty tall order. Not just because of the workout they must be getting on I-5 (I mean every band tours), but because with such vibrant scenes in all three locations of their residency (Seattle, Eugene and Portland), keeping the draw up is going to be tough. But I have to admit, I enjoyed absolutely everything about last Thursday’s showcase. PRHs were sharp, warm, folky, poppy and they went great with Rainier. Plus they were playing with one of my favorite local acts, Final Spins, who seem to only surface occasionally. And they introduced me to the very talented Marty Marquis (of Blitzen Trapper) in his solo capacity.

PRHs have two more scheduled dates in Seattle – February 18th and 25th at the Comet- where they will play with a variety of acts, including Amateur Radio Operator, Landlords Daughter, Pillow Army and Jack Wilson, among others. It’s worth checking out. I know I will be there to see them with Amateur Radio Operator on the 25th.


The Parson Red Heads



The Final Spins


Marty Marquis (of Blitzen Trapper)

{Check out all the photos from the show, here, and in TIG Flickr land}