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Sometimes we take things for granted because they happen so fast and then we suddenly realize really great stuff is going on and we have to catch up. Thus it is with me and Past Lives, which combines the charisma of Devin from Shoplifting with a sweeter side of Morgan, Mark, and Jordan from the Blood Brothers. Their EP is produced by the ferociously talented Dann Gallucci (Modest Mouse, Murder City Devils) and has been a fetish item to own since it was announced back in September. I suspect it will make many Best Of Lists in the mini-album category, with bigger plans ahead next year for longer versions of their musical sound.

Tonight (a Monday night! How lucky can we get?) Past Lives plays the Showbox at the Market's Green Room, a nicely intimate way to get to know this new challenging, more melodic material from these brother punks.

Opening is the tenacious, terrific, talent-filled Triumph of Lethary Skinned Alive to Death, whose new material is more hook-laden song based but still blissfully droney and discordant whenever it damn well wants to be. Spencer Moody, Andrea Zollo, Joel Cuplin and their long-time collaborators are making some of my very favorite music of this year and this is a two-band bill not to miss.