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Paul Westerberg, the former Replacements frontman, just released an album through Amazon called 49:00. It is being sold as one 49 minute mp3 and Amazon is selling it for only 49 cents.

Or, maybe if Idolator is correct, it's only 43 minutes, 55 seconds.

What is so interesting about this (and raised in the Idolator post I just linked to) is that we're not exactly sure how Soundscan/ Billboard will count this. If the trend with its sales figures holding up, Paul Westerberg could very well have a number one hit record.

While this is quite a generous gimmick for Mr. Westerberg to pull off, just like with Brian Eno's "Thursday Afternoon", anyone who plays 49:00 on one of those mp3 jukeboxes in a bar is still an asshole.

(h/t Pitchfork)