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Santa John Roderick at the Imaginary Winter Holiday Spectacular

I have just about recovered from the Imaginary Winter Holiday Spectacular. What an amazingly fun night!

If you had your photo taken on Santa’s lap, the photos are up and ready for you to download on our Three Imaginary Girls Flickr photo page. We’d love to see your photos from the night – go add them to the TIG Sparkly Indie-Pop Photo Pool.

If you weren’t able to make it – peruse our Flickr page and our Flickr photo Pool page to peek in on all the fun.

Copious amounts of thanks go to everyone involved:

  • Everyone who came to the show!
  • Santa John Roderick (you’re the most wonderful Santa ever!)
  • Laura Musselman (for documenting all the Santa fun!)
  • The Special Places
  • Skeletons with Flesh on Them
  • the Nightgowns
  • Wallpaper
  • The Redwood Plan
  • The Christmas Belles and Sugarplum Faries
  • David Schmader (emcee extraordinaire)
  • Jim Anderson (#1 soundguy!)
  • Killorn at the Admiration Society for the poster design
  • Rick at Seattle Show Posters for the awesome poster screenprinting
  • Our sponsors: The Stranger, Barsuk Records, Easy Street Records, Cupcake Royale, Gibson Guitar.

Thank you again – it was a wonderful night which would have been a disaster with YOU!