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I went to the Pixies show last Friday night highly excited, but not knowing exactly what to expect. Accounts of the previous night’s performance were nothing but positive, so I let myself look forward to the experience. I hoped to see one of the bands that shaped my outlook on music today, and NOT be disappointed in how they sounded and the show they put on.

This time, my doubtless anticipation was completely appropriate. Kim Deal, Frank Black, Joey Santiago and David Lovering not only looked exactly like they had in promo pics from ten or fifteen years before, they also SOUNDED just like they do on their records. Dare I say, even better!

This isn’t a formal live show review, but I couldn’t resist throwing my two cents in about the show. I couldn’t believe how well Frank Black screeched, how creamy and gorgeous Kim’s voice was, how impeccably amazing Santiago’s solos were and just how damn precise and punctuating Lovering’s drumming was. Frank and Kim may hate each other but they make sweet, sweet music. I shed a tear at that show… a tear of amazement and of awe for a band that helped shape who I am today.

Here’s a video of their performance of “There Goes My Gun,” “Hey,” and “Silver” from the evening’s show: