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If you've been devouring all things Radiohead since In Rainbows came out, you know the boys recorded a live set for producer friend Nigel Godrich's "In The Basement" series. You also know that the set was broadcast on May 3rd on VH1, the last place I'd expect to see music nowadays (that's like seeing music on MTV). But did you know you can now buy the entire video performance from iTunes?

That's right, the whole performance is on sale at Apple's online music store in beautiful, DRM-free high quality, and for the reasonable price of $7.99. Because really, you needed more Thom in your pocket.

Dig the setlist:

15 Step
House of Cards
Bangers & Mash
Go Slowly
All I Need
Weird Fishes/Arpeggi

Captured in a day, with direction by David Barnard and sound by Nigel Godrich, the videos represent the best recorded representation of Radiohead's live performance to date.

It's an outstanding performance, especially if you're not lucky enough to see Radiohead at The White River Ampitheater on 8.20. Not that I'm bitter …

While frantically clicking the Buy Now button, I also noticed that the rest of Radiohead's catalog is up on iTunes as well, all DRM-free (Pablo Honey isn't marked as iTunes Plus, but that's probably a typo). So if you lost your copy of The Bends in a terrible breakup and burst into tears when you pick up a used copy at Easy Street, welcome to the digital age.

Oh, and if the preview snippet at iTunes isn't enough to sate your curiosity, here's "Bangers & Mash" from the performance, courtsey of