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Jennifer Connelly & David Bowie in Labyrinth

You know you’re dying to scream out “The babe with the power!” – right? Well if you’re anything like me and Labryinth had a huge impact on your young mind, you are. So I cannot recommend the Labyrinth Quote Along at SIFF Cinema this weekend highly enough.

Even if you don’t like watching gaggles of Muppets (but who doesn’t? I mean, seriously), or seeing wide-eyed Jennifer Connelly before Hollywood stripped her of her innocence (The Hot Spot, anyone?), it’s worth it just to view David Bowie’s crazy fantasy mullet and impressive codpiece on screen – at least, I *think* it’s a codpiece.

Anyway! Pick up your tix online and head over to SIFF Cinema this weekend to participate in Henson magic, glam(ish) rock, and if you go tonight, actually meet one of the original puppeteers and BABY TOBY. No, I’m not kidding. Could this be ANY more rad? I think not.