Three Imaginary Girls

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If I was a total freak, I'd have the exact number of days, hours, and minutes that I've been waiting for this album to come out. But, even though I'm an enthusiastic fan (to the point where I stalked members Craig Cook and Aaron Brown until they, finally defeated, admitted we were besties), I didn't take it quite as far as that. 

Anyway! Moving on; I first heard The Broadcast Debut WAYYYYY back in like, 2005, when they played a few shows I was lucky enough to be at, and released the EP A Means for Social Commentary, which I immediately LOVED LOVED LOVED.

And then, they were working on the second album. FOREVER. And then a bunch of different things happened, and Craig ended up across the world in another country and I cried myself to sleep every night thinking there'd never be another release from these guys. 

But! There is! FINALLY. Produced by Jon Auer, Running in Water is now available on CD and digital download 8 years later, for a mere $8 (or more, if you like. I put in $12 because that seemed like a fair price for some dreamy, piano-laden, indie power pop). 

Take a listen below, and then click over to bandcamp to give 'em your money. It's worth it, I promise.