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Seattle Singer/Songwriter Abi Grace
It’s not like I needed another crush on a female singer/songwriter, but Abi Grace’s heartfelt folky tunes and pretty pretty voice sucked me in almost immediately. This Seattle songstress blogs, drinks coffee obsessively, and talks earnestly about the origin of her songs to the camera. She’s even giving away her music for FREE during March to celebrate her 25th birthday – follow her on Twitter or “like” her FB page for details.

So anyway, she’s playing The Back Room at Piecora’s on Thursday, March 17 (Yes, that’s St. Patrick’s Day – so uh, wear some green). I’m anxious to see her live, because this girl definitely has magic in her. You should come too!

Abi Grace
The Back Room @Piecora’s
1401 E Madison St
3/17, 8pm
$5 | All Ages | bar w/ID

{photo borrowed from Abi’s FB page}