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The two singers who front BellaMaine are married to each other and have a toddler. At first blush, this adorable family image suits Julianne Thompson’s sweetly earnest voice. But then a second later one realizes how incredibly hardcore raising a baby and being in a band together really is, and the genius of BellaMaine becomes apparent.

BellaMaine’s songs might look like sweet and easy pop, but underneath their relaxed surface, these songs are made up of richly woven textures and dynamics; rhythms with strong forward momentum; and clever, memorable lyrics {“I’m not always honest, but I’m very sincere”}. Julianne and Nick’s vocals balance and provide counterpoints to each other in ways that are more satisfying than any pair since the xx, especially on the title track, “An Anxious Mind.”  Things get a little grittier on “Three Years,” and if “Away with the Boys” doesn’t have you singing, “I could share a lifetime with you, but your mama’s basement can’t fit two,” all summer, you probably have laryngitis.

BellaMaine are coming from their home-town, Anacortes, for their first headlining show in Seattle on June 22 at Neumos. They will be playing with the also-wonderful Poor Moon and Pure Bathing Culture. If you will take my advice, you’ll be there, too. And if you don’t trust me, trust John Richards.

{BellaMaine are playing Neumos on June 22. Tickets are $10 advance, 21+. You can buy their EP, An Anxious Mind, from Amazon.}