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[Hey Marseilles / by Hayley Young]

We’ve said it before, we’re saying it now, and we’ll keep on sayin’ it until the cows come home: we loves us some Hey Marseilles.

A little more seasoned these days, this local septet is one of those bands you want to catch every chance you get — and thankfully for us, they’ll be gracing the sweet stage of Columbia City Theater with their alt.orchestra.indiepop sound this Saturday. And as if one of our favorite bands at one of our favorite venues isn’t enough to make for a stellar night, Fences will be opening up the show, fresh off a week of stellar performances at CMJ out on the East coast. For the win, indeed!

If you’re able to get out to the show on the early side, make sure you do — there’s an opening reception going on from 6-9pm for November’s art installation in the Bourbon Bar that you won’t want to miss. Photographer Dylan Priest will be exhibiting shots from this summer’s famed weekend out at Doe Bay, where Hey Marseilles and Fences both took the stage, among a slew of other talented acts. The reception is free, but the show is not — make sure you take a moment to pick up a ticket before heading out! {21+ / $12 adv / 9pm}

Thanks to the talented Hayley Young for the gorgeous photo!