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Filmmakers Sean Branney and Andrew Lehman have kicked some serious ass once again with their stylish interpretation of HP Lovecraft’s short story, The Whisperer in Darkness.

Their previous effort, The Call of Cthulu, was done as a classic silent film. This one is shot in B&W and set in the 30s, with the creators took this period piece one step further by making it look and feel like it was MADE in that era–complete with snappy noir-ish dialog, dramatic lighting and sets, and all the elements of an entertaining vintage sci-fi.

Professor Albert Wilmarth is onto something big, the discovery of an entire town caught up in a legendary myth about monsters inhabiting the hills behind them and abducting people who venture too close to their lair. After receiving a letter from one claiming there is proof that the beings exist, Albert is drawn into a sinister plot involving brains in jars, body snatching, and an ancient ritual to open the gates of hell!

I cannot express how absolutely RAD this movie is. And I can’t really do it justice by describing it here. I just know it was some of the most fun I’ve had watching a film, and I recommend you get out to see it play at SIFF.

{The Whisperer in Darkness screens at SIFF tonight, Friday 6/3, midnight at The Egyptian, and again on Sunday, 6/5, 9pm at The Neptune}