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{Record Store Day 2011}

There is so much flat-out awesome going on for Record Store Day this year that we almost don’t even know where to start. On top of the twenty zillion amazing things you can only get your paws on by visiting the brick-and-mortar shops {just look at what Sub Pop is doling out, for example} here in Seattle we’ve got a whole schedule of rad happenings for you to peruse. We’re quite sure this is just the beginning, but we think these few events make for a good starter to build your schedule around. Whether you’re an Everyday Music type, a die-hard Easy Street loyalist or a Sonic Boom devotee: eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast and take that brunch money to the record store!

{Vintage REM!}

NOON: Peter Buck at the Queen Anne Easy Street

They’ve aged gracefully, thank heavens — but even all grown up, they’re still the mighty R.E.M. and still amazing as all get-out. Whether you’re into the newest release or a lifetime die-hard, come on down to see Peter Buck in the flesh doing some handshaking, baby-kissing and item signing at high noon. You can pick up the newest release to be penned, or offer up a body part — just make sure you bring your own Sharpie if you’re going for the latter.

{The Head and the Heart / by Victoria VanBruinisse}

3pm: The Head and the Heart at Sonic Boom in Ballard {acoustic!}

We doubt that this year’s in-store will be as breathable as the one pictured above, during Pride Weekend last year. A mere nine months or so have passed since this shot was taken of The Head and the Heart, and we’re betting our bottom dollar that you’re going to need to get out to Ballard early to secure yourself a decent spot for their 3pm acoustic set. Go early! Go shopping! And don’t say we didn’t warn you about the crowd.

7pm: The Head and the Heart at the Queen Anne Easy Street {electric!}

Should you find yourself in an impenetrable mob on Saturday afternoon, or if you want to be a superfan and double-dip, hightail it over to the Queen Anne Easy Street for HATH’s 7pm set instead / too. With a stage and all, you might be able to afford yourself a better view at the later run — and if the electro-style is your thing, this is the one you’ll want to be at.

Know about any amazing Record Store Day-only releases and in-store performances? Share in the comments below!

{Vintage REM photo courtesy of… no kidding.}