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As many of you know, Sonic Boom Records in Fremont will be closing their doors on Monday, February 18th. The Fremont neighborhood will certainly not be the same without it, but the good news is that they are having a gigantic sale this weekend. That's right, starting today and going until Sunday, they are offering: 50% OFF ALL USED CDs, LPs and DVDs. Additionally, they have 30% OFF ALL NEW CDs, LPs, DVDs, and BOOKS!

Come on over to the store and blow your paycheck on great music this weekend. I will be there today and expect that I will have to hit up the nearest payday loans office immediately afterwards.

Don't fret too much though. The remaining inventory after this weekend will be relocated to the Ballard and Capitol Hill stores, which will remain in business.

As far as the Fremont space is concerned, we can most likely look forward to another clothing store that has twenty-four over-priced items in stock or a chain burrito restaurant.