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There are few things I love more than taking indie pop related trips, and thankfully, Slumberland Records have gifted me with the perfect indie pop daydreamer’s vacation complete with bands I never thought I’d get to see. To celebrate their 20th anniversary, they’re throwing two identical shows, one in San Francisco and one in LA at with some of my favorite bands ever.

March 27th – The Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco/March 28th – The Echo, LA

Henry’s Dress
The How
Go Sailor
Brown Recluse
Summer Cats
Pants Yell!
Devon Williams
Brilliant Colors

I have to admit, Go Sailor are my favorite indie pop band ever, and they haven’t played a show in 14 years. I pretty much thought I’d never get to see them, and finding out that not only do I get to see them, but I get to see them share a stage with Henry’s Dress (Amy Linton double duty!) and Boyracer (back from the dead after their “last show ever” at Athens Popfest 2008!) just like the good ol’ days is really too exciting to properly comprehend. Plus, they’ll be joined by some exciting Slumberland newcomers like Pants Yell! (another favorite of mine), Summer Cats, and Brilliant Colors, all of whom I’m very excited to see. This is what tax returns are for, right?

And now, please listen to one of my all time favorite pop songs, Go Sailor’s “Together Forever In Love”