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I love Internet radio. When I'm at work, plugging away designing signs for small businesses and answering the barrage of calls from idiots on the eastside, Internet radio is gravy for my weary soul. As well as listening to KEXP, I often tune the dial, or my Internet browser in this case, to


Coming out of Chapel Hill, and being surprisingly excellent, WXYC brings the most eclectic mix of music to its listeners that I've ever heard, hands down. For example, in the last 30 minutes I've heard John Coltrane, Red Red Meat, Tunng, Azita, Pinch, Loose Fur, Gary Numan, Puffi Amiyumi, Sixtoo, and the Troggs, to name a few. If you haven't heard of these artists, then you need to be listening to WXYC. Malawi tribe music, psych rockers Red Krayola, ragtime, and dust bowl Guthrie rub elbows together on this station. It's a true eclectic mix of music, and while sometimes I have to mute the screech jazz or the uber ambient noise tracks, I'm completely in love with the fact that they actually play that stuff.

I sing the praises of WXYC because I'm a music nerd, like you, and because I love to know about bands and music that other people don't know about, like you. AND because there is a certain DJ who spins metal, noise rock, ambient, and hardcore with no abandon… and sometimes a girl just needs a taste of the rock, ya know? The DJs on WXYC are college students, amature DJs, and music lovers, which is just another reason to love them even more.

I'm loyal to my adopted home in the NW and it's music, but I'm more concerned with hearing great music and sharing it with others… so here you are dear readers! Support and listen to this station.