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I realized I didn't take a look at last week's Billboard Album charts, so I wandered over to the site to look at this week's version. Nothing horribly thrilling really, T.I. debuted at #1, followed by the odd Disney-sponsored Hannah Montana 2 Soundtrack. I seem to remember catching of clip of Miley Cyrus (aka Hannah Montana) on TV and it seems like she's what all the parents wish Britney Spears could have remained. We'll see if Miley ends up beating photogs with umbrellas.

Velvet Revolver, you know, Stone N' Roses, made it in at #5 while the White Stripes are still in the top 10 after three weeks, which is pretty darn good, especially considering the next artist. That artist is Ryan Adams. This week he sits at #31, but last week his new album debuted at #7! Yes, a top 10 hit for Ryan Adams. Easy Tiger becomes Ryan's best performing album ever and has him nearly on the same level as Bryan Adams, which you know is all to which Ryan aspires. I'm just curious if we'll see Interpol at #1 next week …