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I never got into American Idol, but it was next to impossible NOT to see/hear Sanjaya when he was a contestant earlier this year. I still don't understand the pull he had on the public, the bloggers, and the news orgs.

As for holiday staple Black Nativity, I saw it my first year in Seattle. And like other local institutions (Needle, Underground Tour, Fremont troll) it's nice enough, but once is plenty for a lifetime.

If you're a Sanjaya freak (ironic or otherwise), the December 2 BN performances may be worth checking out just for the trash/trainwreck/superfan value. From a press release I received today: 

SEATTLE— Intiman Theatre announces that three former contestants from American Idol will join the Black Nativity cast as special guests for the 2 pm and the 7:30 pm performances on Sunday, December 2. Karma Johnson (from American Idol’s first season in 2002), Leah Vladowski (who competed as Leah LaBelle in the 2004 season) and Sanjaya Malakar (a fan favorite in the 2007 season) will each sing a solo during the two performances of Intiman’s annual holiday production.
All three singers are alumni of the Total Experience Gospel Choir, founded and directed by Pastor Patrinell Wright. Pastor Wright has performed in Black Nativity: A Gospel Song Play, as well as created the musical direction and arrangements, since its first production in 1998. Karma Johnson performed in Black Nativity in 2001; Leah Vladowski performed in the production for its first five years, from 1998-2002, making her debut appearance at age 12.

Wonder if anything like this will happen?