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It's time, ladies and gents. Get out your belt sanders, your routers, and your circular saws and polish them off. You only have 3 1/2 weeks until the Seattle Power Tool Race and Derby held on June 23 in Georgetown.

I can't wait to see who wins "Most Bling".

Race Rules:

  • This is stupid fun. Don't be a dick. Don't take it too seriously. Judges may amend rules to keep people entertained.
  • We will supply 110V and extension cords. If your tool requires an alternate power source you are responsible for supplying it.
  • Racers must obviously be power exclusively by at most two "hand" power tools.
  • Those racing tools are responsible for their safety and the safety of others!
  • Special Classes will be assigned to special needs racers that don't get the above rules.
  • Note: Kids are welcome to compete in all sections, but parents should note that adult type hijinks will not moderated for "family friendliness"

Classes & Track Details:

  • We anticipate at least two weight classes (lightly modified and heavily modified), depending on entrants.
  • Track will be rails will be 2×4 on side
  • Track will be 12 inch wide (from inner rail to inner rail).
  • Track Floor will be plywood
  • Track Length will be 60'

Entry Fees and Valuable Prizes:

  • Entry Fee: It's Free
  • Prizes: Trophies Trophies and Glory
  • Fastest 3 racers overall in each class will be awarded trophies and bragging rights
  • Awards will also be given for such things as Cutest, Most Industrial, Sexiest, Most Bling, Deadliest.