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I knew that Gina Young is a talented singer-songwriter and half of one of my favorite Northwest bands, Team Gina (she's Gina Genius) and was responsible for two of my local albums last year (Team Gina's Products of the 80's and her own solo record 3AM Voice, but I did not know she's also an accomplished playwright until a notice for this landed in my e-mail box:

The lovely Miss Gina Young of TEAM GINA and solo fame has ANOTHER side you might not know about… and that side takes centerstage (literally!) this February with the production of her newest play, Salt Water.

Directed by Nikki Przasnyski, the play follows two friends, Sybil and Alison, the kind of friends who can finish each others sentences. But when the two young women trespass on a New Jersey beach after dark one night, their friendship unravels and ultimately self-destructs—with the help of a pimply lifeguard, a giant frog, a stray asteroid and a deliciously manipulative mermaid. Salt Water is a play about the death of a friendship and the sacrifices we make for the people we love.

Every performance of Salt Water will take place at Live Girls! Theater (2220 NW Market St, Seattle, WA) and many will be accompanied by a live performance, as follows:

February 19 – performance by GINA YOUNG
February 20 – performance by Your Heart Breaks
February 21 – play only
February 26, 28 – performance of Eve Ensler's V-Day Project
March 1, 5 – performance by Your Heart Breaks
March 6 – performance by Lesli Wood
March 7 – performance by the Preons

I will definitely be at at least one of these performances, most likely two – opening night on the 19th and then on March 6 with Lesli Wood (of the already-missed Ms. Led and a kick-ass new project called The Redwood Plan).

If you this isn't enough of the genius of Gina Genius for you, she also will be playing an acoustic, solo show at the Wild Rose on Thursday night with the noted queercore artist Bitch.