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IgAsh here, pinch hitting for Erik who had to be sidelined last minute. Took the spin and came up with "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker," and all I can say is it has to be a sign to igDana. Since imaginary baby is due to join us in this world outside the womb TODAY, mama Dana, I think The Ramones have a baby name suggestion for you. I mean, how cool would your life be if your name was Sheena and you were, in fact, a punk rocker? And I can't imagine that anyone spawned by Dana and her handsome fella would be anything but. Ok maybe not totally punk, but indie is the new punk anyway, right? Well, no, not really, it isn't. But I still think there's some sort of kismet at work here. Sheena Rocket Danger B. Yes. Baby has been named. You're welcome, Dana & fam.

Or maybe you're supposed to name her Riff Randall. My kismet translator isn't always 100% accurate.


P.S.: If anyone can translate the illustration I found, I'll give you 5,000 points.