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{6 Point About Emma screens at SIFF June 1, 7pm and June 3, 1:30pm at Pacific Place, and again June 4, 6pm at Kirkland Performance Center.}

Emma is beautiful, blind, and stubbornly independent. She’s also sure of two things: she wants a baby more than anything, and she’s unable to fall in love with anyone. But after she joins a support group for people with disabilities, her steadfastness begins to shatter when she begins an affair with the group’s secretive counselor. Complicating matters even further, her neighbor’s little brother develops romantic feelings for Emma. With one man obsessed with using Emma for pleasure, and the other obsessed with protecting her, Emma's got quite the love triangle goin' on.

While 6 Points About Emma suffers a little from its easy-to-figure out resolution, it’s packed with strong performances from Veronica Echegui as Emma, and a great ensemble cast—especially Mariam Hernandez as Lucia. Overall, it’s an enjoyable way to spend a few hours.