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Ruin Me SIFF 2018

So Ruin Me is basically my worst nightmare, and the reason you’ll NEVER, ever, ever find me signing up for one of those haunted house/campouts that take place in a remote area.

This clever horror flick finds recovering addict Alexandra headed to Slasher Sleepout with her horror movie-obsessed boyfriend, Nathan, in which they are “kidnapped” along with several other stoked campers, dumped in the middle of the woods, and sent blood-soaked clues to solve in order to find their way out. An additional wrinkle is that Sleepout staff, disguised as serial killers, can take each camper out before the game is finished — only in this case, the killers aren’t actually playing.  

Although it’s not perfect, Ruin Me succeeds in pulling off a few surprises in a genre that’s difficult to do that in, and manages to feel more like an authentic ‘80s slasher than a current splatter flick. It’s an entertaining watch, and the final shot went a long way towards winning me over.

{Ruin Me screens at SIFF Friday, June 8, 11:55pm at SIFF Cinema Egyptian and again Saturday, June 9, 8:30pm at SIFF Cinema Uptown. Director Preston DeFrancis and Producers Trysta A. Bissett & David Hendleman are scheduled to attend both screenings}