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Carmo, Hit the Road follows two characters that are indirectly shunned from their communities in Brazil: he’s a paraplegic and she’s promiscuous and indiscriminate. Carmo and Marco encounter a bunch of sleazy characters along the way, before and after meeting each other. It’s a Bonnie and Clyde road film about two morally ambiguous characters. They are more likely to be likeable enough than likeable, but you end up sympathizing when you realize they are just playing the cards they were dealt.

The film is funny when it is supposed to be funny and sweet and romantic when that’s called for. What makes the film work, though, is that Carmo and Marco are equally repulsed by and attracted to one another. The movie is so fast-paced that it never gets boring (that is, spending too much time dwelling on the characters) but has enough plot twists to keep you guessing what will happen next.