Three Imaginary Girls

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Cloud 9 has a point: your grandparents (possibly) still have a libido. The film is about an elderly woman who rediscovers her sex drive and falls for a seventy-six year old man, who is not her husband of more than thirty years.

Inge is a seamstress who begins sleeping with a man whose trousers she hems. When she delivers his pants, well, you can fill in your own ellipses. The sex scenes between the two are more graphic than you would find in an R-rated film with actors a third of their age. That isn’t what makes the film difficult to watch: it’s the horrendous pacing. The film moves very slowly and gets boring fast. After Inge tells her husband of her affair, the final half of the film is mostly the couple yelling at each other.

On another note, the Uptown probably had the highest median age for a SIFF audience yet and every time someone went to the restroom, I couldn’t help but wonder if the elderly were the new restroom lesbians of SIFF.

{Old People FuckingCloud 9 screens again on Tuesday, June 2 at the Uptown at 7pm.}