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Jordan Ladd as Madeline Matheson 

Of all the Midnight Adrenaline series movies I’ve previewed this year, Grace is by far the most disturbing – which is exactly why I think it’s so awesome.

Nervous after suffering a miscarriage, Madeline Matheson (Jordan Ladd) is determined to do everything right this time – which means going against her overbearing Mother-in-Law’s (Gabrielle Rose) wishes and choosing an old friend who's a holistic midwife over a highly respected obstetrician. But before she can deliver a tragedy occurs, killing both her husband and unborn child. Refusing all advice, she decides to wait and give birth naturally and that’s when a miracle occurs: the baby is alive! Or…is it?

At its heart, Grace is a story of multi-layered obsession. Director (and Writer) Paul Solet’s slow yet solid pacing wears on the nerves effectively, and Ladd’s portrayal of innocence and steadfast denial push the film from great to exceptional – with the help of some really exquisite gore.

Seriously, guys? I haven’t squirmed in my seat this much since I saw Lucky McGee’s May at a SIFF midnight showing many years ago. This is a must-see for fans of extremely uncomfortable horror.

{Grace screens at SIFF tonight, June 5 at The Egyptian, Midnight, and again Saturday June 6 at Pacific Place, 9:30pm}