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Currently I am in pain. I think I removed most of the skin from my knee last night playing soccer. It makes for a constant stinging pain that is exacerbated by the fact we lost. Why does this matter? Well, it is always good to have an appropriate song stuck in your head when you’re playing sports. I mean, what sort of competitive anger can you build up if you have a Belle & Sebastian or Elliott Smith song in your head? None, that is how much. You suddenly feeling like asking the opposing team to tone it down about and really, all their aggression must be a sign of pent-up needs and desires. Desire to hurt me and now I’ll go weep quietly to myself in the corner.

No, that won’t do at all. Recently, I’ve been able to get “Sirens” by Dizzee Rascal stuck in my head for these sporting events, and it has done the trick. While not as aggressive as, let’s say, “Jesus Built My Hot Rod” or “Old Tyme Hardcore” or “Deutscheland Has Gotta Die,” it has the perfect amount of musical tension to keep your head on straight. It also helps that the song is about a competition of sorts (well, Dizzee vs. the cops), so you can feel like you’re really getting into the spirit of the song and the match. It doesn’t make up for getting my knee removed and losing, but hey, it’s better to lose with a good song in your head than some random jingle or the like.