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Marc Bianchi, formerly of hardcore bands Indian Summer and Calm, turned the tables on his more aggressive musical background and offers wistful, intimately crafted pop with Her Space Holiday and XOXO, Panda. While previous Her Space Holiday releases were more brusque and had more organic sampling (bringing to mind organic sampling wonders The Books), the Sleepy Tigers EP incorporates Bianchi's trademark poptronica but adds a twist of folk to the mix.

The songs on this EP appropriately match the feel of the cover art: light and child-like, almost approaching juvenile simplicity. Effervescently romantic lyrics like "Oh I like you so very much so much in fact I gotta wake you up, It’s not that I have words to speak, I just wanna see you looking at me" during the opening track, "Sleepy Tigers", are buoyant with effortless charm. "Sleepy Tigers" borrows melody work from the Violent Femmes on this track, but miters the corners into something much more subdued.

Tinkling xylophone and cheery whistling introduce the third track, "This Seat Is Definitely Taken", and the rest of the EP follows suit. The whistling, handclaps and found noise sampling truly are the backbone of this release, laying the path for Bianchi's increasingly adorable and carefree style. Her Space Holiday's Sleepy Tigers EP is the aural representation of a delicately sparkling cascade of stars. It's airy, pleasant and a proper midpoint between twee pop and freak folk, though I wouldn't call it strictly either.