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So long-time Seattle hip-hop demigod Barfly went south to Los Angeles a few months ago, thus putting The Saturday Knights on the shelf for good (are they really gone? Could the life force that spawned the mad art of he and DJ Spence and Tilson be frozen completely?).

Meanwhile, Barfly, who has always had a few joints blazing in different sectors, has resurrected one of his pre-TSK teams Candy .22, with their album A Girl And Her Gun set for soon in 2010. That release will be on Grimm Image, and this prelude video below for new track “Streetlights” from director Hazard Gibson (of Cinema Muerte) features music from Smoke of Pac NW rap kings Oldominion:


Word is Spencer has some turntable hijinks up his sleeve this year, but Tilson has been working with Head Like A Kite on music which also has its own movie (in case you missed this when it made the blogging rounds a few weeks ago):


If we never get a follow up to The Saturday Knights’ essential, crucial debut Mingle, at least it looks like the fantastic Three Funkateers will be keeping the new decade exciting with just as noteworthy collaborations with others! Don’t give up on us, guys.