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For an up-and-coming young band, the Soft Pack definitely has serious potential. They’re punchy and tight and draw from a lot of atypical influences. During the set, I heard strains of Reverend Horton Heat, Buzzcocks, Yo La Tengo, Suicidal Tendencies and The Pixies. They managed to pull off a fairly extensive set for an opening band, presenting eleven songs in all (I counted 12 but the set list says otherwise!).

The Soft Pack took the Sodo stage right on time Saturday night and burst promptly into characteristic garage-y, speedy surf sounds. I barely had time to absorb their first song before it was over, but they quickly burst right into the short and punchy “C’mon.” I will admit that initially I thought they were singing “Octomom” but realized my mistake later. Ha.

Continuing, both “Answer to Yourself” and “Extinction” contained some quality guitar work and solos. The drummer played with focus and skill throughout the set. “Right and Wrong” was one of the standout pieces of the night, very well orchestrated with a speedy rockabilly bent and totally loved by the crowd. This was followed by “Beside Myself” and “Bright Side,” both of which had a slightly more country backstory to them, and both quite swingy.

Near the close of the set, the band gave us a couple of very up-tempo numbers which absolutely could not escape a Pixies reference. Further commiseration with show-goers after the set confirmed this. Unfortunately, the final song of the set (“Parasites”) came off a little “meh” to me, although I absolutely love the recorded version. I do think that anyone who digs hooky garage/surf music would probably enjoy the Soft Pack and I highly recommend everyone check them out!

  • 1 – Down On Love
  • 2 – C’mon
  • 3 – Answer to Yourself
  • 4 – Extinction
  • 5 – More / Less
  • 6 – Right & Wrong
  • 7 – Beside Myself
  • 8 – Bright Side
  • 9 – Tides of Time
  • 10 – Pull Out
  • 11 – Parasites