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After selling out Chop Suey last time around, Mark Siano and the Freedom Dancers are taking their show on the road… across town, to the Triple Door. How can you not love awful classics and rollerskates?

Bring on the soft!

See? I wasn't kidding. It will be the best fifteen bucks you spend Friday night. Swear. Read on:

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"Siano makes a charismatic frontman: handsome and unafraid of short-shorts, with musical taste to rival your mom's, and a perfect whiff of '80s sleaze." –The Stranger

After packing the Re-Bar, soft-rocking ACT, and blowing the doors off Chop Suey with a spectacular, capacity-busting performance, Mark Siano and The Freedom Dancers take their popular cabaret downtown with Soft Rock at The Triple Door! Featuring Seattle comedian and singer Mark Siano and the funny and alluring Freedom Dancers, Soft Rock at The Triple Door is a high energy cabaret of flamboyant dance numbers, stand-up and sketch comedy, original music, and hyper campy sing-alongs led by a seven-piece band. Mark Siano and The Freedom Dancers will delight fans with fabulous new numbers (including a new roller skating act), a few old favorites, and a star-studded line up of guest artists including Nick Garrison, Rick Miller, and Celene "Leeni" Ramadan.

The Freedom Dancers are: Joey Chapman, Andrea Ford, Abigail Guay, Andrew Cardillo,Joanna Hardie, Lieta Siano, and Mara Siciliano

Featured Singers: Nick Garrison, Joanna Hardie, Rick Miller, and Celene "Leeni" Ramadan

Musical Director: John Kranz (keyboards)

Band: Jason Boller (drums), "Skinny" Lynn Cook (trombone), Darryl Estes (alto and tenor sax), David Hardie (backing vocals), Brendan Patrick Hogan (trumpet), Dan Leary (bass), Greg Mauser (guitar), Erin Stewart (backing vocals)

Featured Comedians: Luke Thayer, David Swidler

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