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I recently picked up the re-issue set of the two Traveling Wilburys albums (Traveling Wilburys Volume 1 & Traveling Wilburys Volume 3 plus a DVD) which includes the track "Tweeter and the Monkey Man." Listening to this song reminded me of my dream of putting together a CD featuring songs about or relating to monkeys. At one point I had about 10 songs, but they've long since been forgotten, all I can muster up now is "Tweeter.." and "Brass Monkey." What are your favorite songs having to do with monkeys?

And BTW, the Traveling Wilburys are awesome. Each and everyone of you should go out and buy this re-issue. Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne and Roy Orbison together as one cohesive unit. I mean seriously people, buy this record.