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{Let Rachel Flotard of Visqueen take the sting out of your heart. Send your love advice questions her way at}


Dear Rachel,

I've been with my lovey for over a year now. We have always been cozy with each other but lately he's been a spite-filled nugget. He isn't romantic anymore, and he doesn't call me, write me love notes, or anything. It's horrid. I'm growing weary and I told him how I feel, but I don't think anything is going to change, since it's not his personality to do all those things that I would like him to do. but I'm too attached to leave him. What do I do?

un-romantic guy's heart throb.




Please forgive the delay in advice; I pray your six-piece spite nugs haven't turned into a McBreakdown. Sip this: Say you hit the drive thru, place your order like always, get McDollaz into proper hands, only to make it home missing the beef. Do you A) go without and pretend that eating katsup is killer or B) Turn around and ram your ass through that lane and ask McMan to maybe put some junk in your trunk?

B. B is the answer. Demand satisfaction or tell Special Sauce to stowe it and find a better business for the bureau.

All the ladies in the house say yeah.





{When she's not providing solace for the lovelorn, Rachel can be seen and heard playing for her band, Visqueen. But don't let that intimidate you! Send your love woes her way!}