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Upon entering the Showbox, I was greeted by a stag adorned with artificial flowers and absolutely packed floor. First order of the night, Montreal’s very own, Miracle Fortress, certainly busted out the biscuits (to quote Beck).

Stars, the pride and joy of Canada (along with BSS, Avril Lavigne, and the Arcade Fire), brought to mind the expired passport sitting in my car and need to visit the lovely great white north again. The loud and often frantic (though always cohesive) polyphony of Stars was the perfect end to the stressful work/school week. The bright, starry sounding crispness of Stars music brought to mind those glowing celestial beings in the sky.

If those five pointed big things in the sky could make sounds, it would probably sound a lot like the Showbox that night.

More photos of Stars by Chona Kasinger:

Stars. Photo by Chona Kasinger.

Stars. Photo by Chona Kasinger.

Stars. Photo by Chona Kasinger

Stars. Photo by Chona Kasinger.